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Written by  Published in Economy Wednesday, 19 August 2015 17:54

Kathmandu, August 19 (CNS) ---NEPSE creates history by breaching it’s an all-time high index of 1175.55 levels today. NEPSE increased by 31.99 points or 2.76 % to end at new all-time high of 1191.92 benchmark index.

This is indeed a big and historic day for all the share market investors, stake holders and well-wishers through all Nepal and abroad. After the massive earthquake of April this year, no one ever imagined NEPSE would bounce back like this. Market sentiments have been really high after the revelation of monetary policy by the central bank. Also, implementation of compulsorily demat transactions by Central Depository System Limited (CDSC) boosted the investors’ confidence to invest money in the secondary market of Nepal. BFIs in the country is blessed with highest surplus liquidity ever with them. Amassing all the mentioned reasons, it is believed that NEPSE will go more higher if everything falls back in place on the political front as well in Nepal.

Total turnover stood Rs 66.77 crores. All the eight sectors indices saw a good increment today. Banking index settled at 1159.29 levels with 33.34 points up. Hotels index increased most by 166.47 points to close at 2086.49 levels followed by Insurance sector which gained 99.48 points to close at 4737.38 levels.Today closing index was also highest level of intraday market trading.
Last time NEPSE made 1175.55 levels on 31st August, 2008. After that on a continuous free fall it even touched down 292 index on 29th March, 2012. A lot has been changed in NEPSE over the years.

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