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Stock Market to resume normal operations from 24 may

Written by  Published in Economy Sunday, 24 May 2015 11:48


Kathmandu,24 Mya (CNS)-----Nepal Stock Exchange will resume operations from today. The stock exchange, which had remained closed since the massive earthquake hit the country on April 25 (Baishakh12), will carry on with its usual trading activities from May 24.


Sita Ram Thapaliya, the general manager of NEPSE, said the stock market will function in a normal way like before. “All activities will be conducted in the usual manner. No changes on time and policies related to the trading have been made,” said Thapaliya.

The stock market could not conduct its business for about a month after the earthquake because of the damages to the building that houses CDSC and the offices of broker companies and RTS. 

Absence of staff members--who had gone to their home villages or were too scared to work from the offices--was also attributed as a reason for the delay in resuming the operations of share market. 

Experts Speak: What would be NEPSE's outlook after it resumes from Sunday?

Raj Kumar Timilsina 

President of Investors’ Forum  

The overall indices will fall and the downward trend will prevail for some time. The insurance sector, especially non–life, will be worst-affected. Other sectors do not have much to worry about. 

At present, people’s sentiment and selling compulsion are the two major factors that will affect the market.

It won’t take long time for the market to come back to pre-quake level. If we look at international trends, after a major crisis such as natural disasters the stock market has rebounded in one day, or in a period of 15 days to one month. In the context of Nepal, the overall recovery would be aided by funding mechanisms such as Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund. 

In order to tackle the problems faced by the insurance sector, insurance board has already asked insurance companies not to distribute dividends. There are also talks of requiring insurance companies to increase their paid up capital by issuing right or bonus shares. 


Ambika Prasad Poude

Share market expert,Hatway Invesment Pvt.Ltd   

The market will stay down for a certain period of time. Expecting it to perform well anytime soon is vain. 

All of the sectors would be affected, but insurance sector would be the one to be affected the most. In the insurance sector, it would be non-life insurance that would be hit hardest. The non-life sector would need some time to get back on its feet. 

It is hard to say just now how soon the share market will bounce back to the pre-quake level but it would not recover immediately. It all depends on the sentiments of the investors.  We need to see the market trends on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to say when the market will come back to pre-quake level.


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