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Golchha Org business portfolio covers a wide gamut of areas

Written by  Published in Business Sunday, 05 April 2015 16:49

Director Golchha Organization

This is the feature of Golchha Org
Golchha Organisation is, undoubtedly, a leading business house in the country. In fact, the Organization is also widely acclaimed as a pioneer of the industrialization process in Nepal.

It was late Sri Ram Lal Golchha, founder chairman, Golchha Organisation, who was actively involved to setting up of the first ever industry in Nepal known as Biratnagar Jute Mill in 1936.
Meanwhile he started exporting raw jute to the neighboring India. The southern neighbor used to make finished products from such jute to sell them in the European markets with good profits. This fact impelled him to come up with the idea of Raghupati Jute Mill to exploit the export potentials of the jute products. So, Raghupati was primarily conceptualized to produce the finished jute products and supply them to India.
“He was also the first in Nepal to export goods to any other country via banking channel,” says Hemant Golchha, Executive Director, Golchha Organisation.
Living up to its legacy
There are more than 30 companies operating by Golchha family. Its business portfolio covers a wide gamut of areas like Jute Mills, Sugar Mills, food grains, iron and steel products, electronics, automobile, Information and Technology (IT), insurance, Real-estate development, tourism, remittance, etc.
“We have embarked upon almost every arena of manufacturing and trading business. This is intended at invigorating our footholds in the Nepali market as vigorously as possible,” Golchha says.
“We are committed to act as loyal stewards of the legacy of vision and innovation instituted by our forefather. This determination and passion is helping buoy up the entity vibrantly,” Golchha divulges.
Commitment for Excellence
Since its inception some eight decades back, the Golchha Organisation has been growing at a healthy clip. “For any business organization to grow and thrive, the trust of customers is an intangible requisite. Our corporate culture puts a premium on fulfilling their expectations through honesty and hard work. That’s why, our brands are enjoying a full-swing play in the Nepali market,” Golchha states.
According to him, his organization is embracing ethical business practices to create positive working environment while interacting with both internal and external elements.
“A company's ethics give the organization a positive professional reputation among its staffers, vendors, suppliers and potential business partners. Ethical behaviors help create and sustain strong business relationships that lead to lower product costs, repeat business from customers and sources of financing for company growth,” he justifies.
  A good team of working professionals is mandatory for any company longing to remain healthy and buoyant.
In this regard, Golchha Organization is adopting a Human Resources Management policy that is aimed at creating a pool of well-trained and competent employees.   “The key components of the policy include recruiting people, training them, performance appraisals, motivating employees as well as workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more,” he informs.
According to him, his organization is also not arbitrary when it comes to applying sound corporate governance.
“We are aware of the importance of a well-executed corporate governance to make the companies more resilient and transparent. So we have been adopting a series of plans and strategies to fulfill the request and needs of the related stakeholders like shareholders, staff, customers and suppliers in the best possible manner,” he informs.
“Each of these companies have its own management with HR manager, company secretary, ets to ensure an effective and efficacious flow of the process of corporate governance.”
Contribution to the nation
The Golchha organization has played a significant role to help create employment opportunities in the economy. It is the largest private sector employer of the country.
It also seems to positively contributing to uplift the living standard of farmers by proving them with business opportunities.  “We acquire raw materials needed for Sugar Mills and other food grain industries from around 20,000 farmers across the country.  This is also intended to give their products a proper market access and help raise the level of their income,” he rationalizes.
 The Organisation boasts of being one of the largest taxpayers in the country. “In line with our broad vision of reinforcing the country’s socio-economic growth, we have been substantially contributing to the national coffer,” he states. On the other hand, it has also been actively assisting the formulation of plans and policies of apex business organizations in the countries like Federation of NepaleseChambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC).
The organization has been carrying out its corporate social responsibility (CSR) since some 50 years ago. It has an hundred bed Eye Hospital from 40 years ago in Biratnagar where patient are treated with free of cost is one of the examples. “We have our own ethics so far CSR is concerned. We never look for business mileage through CSR so we don’t make public propaganda on CSR though we actively engage on CSR activities,” Golchha lauded.
Future Plan
 “We see three sectors; Hydro, Real-estate and Cement are feasible in Nepal,” he shares the future plans of Golchha Organization.

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Golchha Org  business portfolio covers a wide gamut of areas

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