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Complaint lodged against lawyers involved in litigation from both sides Featured

Written by  Published in Society Thursday, 31 October 2013 21:41

Ramesh BadalBidur Dhungana

Kathmandu, October 29 (CNS) -- Casino workers at Hotel Soaltee on Thursday lodged a complaint against four legal practitioners including Ramesh Badal at Nepal Bar Council for their involvement in drafting and pleading of the same case on behalf of both the plaintiff and defendant.

In the complaint with the registration number 97/2070/07/14 lodged by 39 casino workers jointly, advocates Ramesh Badal, Bidur Dhungana, Bhojraj Acharya and Rajkumar Khatiwada are alleged to have their unethical involvement from both of the sides in the same issue.

The four lawyers firstly plead on behalf of the right of 1068 workers for their due salaries, allowances, provident funds and other payables in the Appellate Court while, in the same issue, the four advocates stood against the 46 workers of the same casino in the case at Labour Court, reads the complaint.

This sort of activities of the legal practitioner is considered grave violation of the professional conduct for the lawyers provisioned according to Nepal Bar Council Act.

In the clause 'x' of the subrule 1 of the rule 3 of the code of conduct, it is stated that a legal practitioner should not involve in drafting or pleading of the same case on behalf of both the plaintiff and defendant and also should not instruct knowingly any other law practitioner or writer or other persons who work under/with him.

If any legal practitioner is found to have violated the conducts referred to in clauses (x) to (ac) of sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 the licence of such a law practitioner shall be revoked, according to the code of conduct.

Source : Corporate News Syndicate


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