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Nepal promoted in Mumbai and Goa

Written by  Published in Tourism Sunday, 11 August 2013 05:45

Kathmandu, August 11 (CNS) -- Nepal Tourism Board participated in the promotional tour of western Indian cities organized by Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA) Regional Association, Pokhara. India commands a healthy share in terms of generating tourist movements to Nepal.

Today, with almost 40 flights per week to Kathmandu, air connectivity with India has shown a significant improvement. Based on these indicators, NATTA Regional Association, Pokhara, in cooperation with Nepal Tourism Board, organized this week-long promotional tour focusing on Mumbai and Goa from  1-8 August 2013.

Whereas Nepal Tourism Board was represented by Mr. Udaya Bhattarai, Sr. Asst. Manager, the delegation comprised of heads, members and representatives of Pokhara-based travel and tourism associations. The Mumbai leg of the program on August 2 was well attended by the local trade community and media – altogether 200. The B2B session provided the delegation members an ideal platform to forge new business alliances and renew the existing ones. Likewise, Nepal’s tourism products, services and facilitation issues were highlighted through the “Naturally Nepal Presentation.”

The Goa leg of the program on August 5 was attended by around 65 from local tourism fraternity and media combined. Predominantly and inbound market, the Goan travel trade gave an enthusiastic response to the concept of mutual movements of tourists for value addition.

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